Monday, February 2, 2009

Birthday Wishes

My baby daughter's second birthday is coming up this June. I'm a tiiiiny bit obsessive when it comes to my kid's birthday parties. I'm not saying that I'm one of those ultra-competitive parents who spends thousands of dollars on a party. On the contrary... I prefer to make everything myself. Invitations, cakes (oh Lord... the cakes... I'll save that story for another time. Let's just say that my son's Spongebob cake last year was literally a pile of crumbs shaped back into a rectangle with about 3 inches of frosting holding it together), games, etc. Then the day arrives and I'm so stressed and thinking of the ways I could've done it better. I'm learning my lesson... just letting go and enjoying the moment.

This year I'm going to let a professional do the invitations. I'm not talking about those Hallmark fill-in-the-blank numbers. I still want something totally unique and beautiful (just not involving me, Photoshop and scissors!). So I found this.

Noulou Cards & Paper (at is such a wonderful discovery! All the illustrations for these lovely cards and invitations are completely original. Fetching is the word that immediately came to mind when I saw the superheros, ballerinas, elephants and brides. Erin Moniotte's artistic style is charming and sweet without the syrup. Her line drawings are printed on eco-friendly recycled paper with all the pertinent information for your specific event.
Now... if I can just think of the perfect cake (aka Pile Of Crumbs) to match.

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